June 1, 2023


11 AM PST | 2 PM EST

1 Hour

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You know what they say, "two heads are better than one". Well, we're putting that into practice and we want you to join us!

OT entrepreneurs Ashley and Trish will be sharing their combined thoughts on the pitfalls to avoid while growing your OT or SLP private practice. This exciting collaboration aims to bring even more resources, events, and collaborations to the community we serve.

Have you ever thought:

  • "I have no idea how to grow this business AND do my OT/SLP work!”
  • “I sit down to work ON my business, but the time gets pushed for my clinical and fulfillment work.”
  • “Um, remind me what exactly I’m supposed to be tracking and doing to grow this thing? I just want someone to give me the Road Map.”

Then, this is the training for you. 

By the end of our time together, you’ll have: 

  • A deep dive into the top 3 pitfalls to growth for OT/SLP entrepreneurs making under $100K a year.
  • Tools from inside our paid offerings, that allow you to track your data and plan your week, moving you from being overwhelmed to clarity.
  • A system for shifting from your old understanding of time for money, to your new clarity of how your indirect time can MAKE you money, as the owner.

Let's get to know our co-hosts!

Ashley Reina

Ashley is an OT in health tech and a systems advocate. She is the co-founder of Therabyte app, EMR + practice management software.  Therabyte is on a mission to support OT and SLP practitioners in thriving in their private practice by supporting their client admin tasks from intake to invoice. Learn more about Therabyte here.

A few ways to get to know Ashley

Trish Williams

Trish, founder of OTs Get Paid and owner of the OT's brand, is both an occupational therapist and a business coach mentor. Trish is an incredible entrepreneur who has accomplished so much in her career, including:

We're thrilled to have these experts lead our webinar 

and share their knowledge with us!

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